Blizzard brings Overwatch to the world of LEGO

by: Dan -
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As an avid gamer, you can't help but notice that the love of virtual games, doesn't preclude one from having an affinity for table top and card games as well as cool toys.  One such toy that garners attention, are LEGOs, especially when they are constructed into something cool, such as a Star Wars ship or something relating to video games.


As the image above shows, the folks at Blizzard are now actively into the LEGO business, with an officially licensed LEGO Overwatch kits.  Currently as a Blizzard exclusive, you can purchase the 182 piece LEGO Overwatch Omnic Bastion 75987 Building Kit for $25.00.  For fans of the game, this is a cool way to get some gaming swag into your collection without having to break the bank, especially with Christmas coming.

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