Bungie outlines all the spooky things coming to Festival of the Lost next week

by: Zach -
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Bungie has released the details for whats to come with Destiny 2's yearly Festival of the Lost event. Given the events that transpire in Forsaken, namely the death of a beloved character, the Festival of the Lost event feels even more significant this year.  The festival itself is about remembering the the lost, and continuing to fight in honor of their memory. 

The former head of the 'Festival of the Lost' committee, Eva Levante, has not been seen since the events of the main Destiny 2 campaign. Without Eva, the tower's Shipwright, Amanda Holliday, has stepped in to plan and execute the event. Your guardian will undoubtedly be visiting the hanger a lot in the weeks to come, to turn in quests and collect your rewards.

The event will bring back some former festival activities, such as bounties to complete, masks to collect, and a whole host of cosmetics that can be earned through grinding or purchased with silver. There are a number of notable additions though. There will be new triumphs to complete, a new PvE activity to engage in, and a murder mystery to solve.

The new PvE activity, the Haunted Forest, pits players against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Your fireteam will only have 15 minutes to progress as quickly as possible through the forest, with hopefully interesting rewards for those who push further.

As for the murder mystery, it appears Master Ives, the cryptarch of the Reef, has been slain. Players will be able to undertake a quest to solve the mystery and bring his killer to justice. This part of the event won't actually start until October 30th, and will feature an extra quest-line yielding powerful rewards.

The Festival of the Lost kicks off on October 16th and runs until November 9th, so players will have plenty of time to experience it for themselves. Check out the more detailed Bungie post here.


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