Skybound Games to finish The Walking Dead - The Final Season

by: Eric -
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Robert Kirkman, the original writer behind The Walking Dead, has built a small empire in Skybound Games. While the company has the word "Games" in its name, the name has become an umbrella encompassing table top games, mobile games, PC and console games, books, TV, and film.

So it is poetic that Skybound Games would be the company that comes swooping in to the rescue to finish producing and releasing The Walking Dead - The Final Season after Telltale's slow-motion train wreck over the last couple of weeks put the game's future in question.

In a press release last night, Skybound vowed to work with "the original team" from Telltale to complete development on the last two episodes of TWD, but how many of that team have just been hanging out to see what happens is an open question. If I were one of those post-Telltale folks, I would have been doing my best to - you know - get a job after being unceremoniously shown the door by Telltale a couple of weeks ago. But I also think that for some of these employees, this temporary job could act as a stopgap, helping them get by until permanent employment can be found. 

Either way, the story is not over, and the wild ride goes on. It looks as though gamers will get a conclusion to the story of Clementine and company in one form or another, even if it takes a while longer (no comment on certain segments the gaming community and their petulant demands for an appropriate finish to the tale). And if you are concerned that Skybound is primarily a mobile developer and might not be up to the task, I would direct you to take a look at recent titles Slime Rancher and The Long Dark, both of which have a "Skybound Games" logo emblazoned on their cover art.

As always, Gaming Nexus wishes the best of luck to former Telltale employees, no matter where they end up.