Time to shoot some space baddies - Evasion releases Tuesday, October 9

by: Eric -
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While most First Person Shooter fans are looking forward to the release this week of Call of Duty: Black Ops IV, a fair number of VR shooter enthusiasts are also looking forward to Tuesday’s release of Evasion. Evasion is a VR-only sci-fi shooter, which will allow all of us that bought an AIM Controller for use in Firewall: Zero Hour to play with our fancy new toy in another setting.

Evasion is a co-op bullet hell game, with players taking on one of four roles to ramble into battle solo or with friends. The roles seem like fairly standard fare, but this is all new in the VR space. The Warden and the Striker seem like they will be tank and DPS classes respectively. The Surgeon is a healer role, while the Engineer can boost the team’s damage.

Interestingly (and the official site never seems to come out and say this), the team-up aspect of the game seems to be for two players as opposed to four. Which is totally fine. I prefer to play this sort of game with friends instead of online randoms, and I frankly just don’t know four other people with a PS VR.

Archiact, the team behind Evasion, is claiming varied locomotion techniques to allow for all comfort levels, without resorting to teleportation. While I have been skeptical in the past about such claims, Firewall made a believer out of me. I expect that Evasion will pick up quite a bit of runoff from Firewall, as fans of that game wait for new content and start peering around for something new to play.

Evasion release on  10-09-2018, and will retail for $39.99. PS Plus members that pre-order right now can get the game for $33.99, a significant discount. Evasion will also release on Steam for Oculus and Vive, and though no pricing info is available, I expect it will be somewhere in that $35-40 range.