Telltale sneaks one out the door

by: Eric -
More On: Batman - The Enemy Within

In a release that was almost certainly finalized before Telltale slammed the shutters closed last week and booted everybody to the curb, the supposedly excellent full second season of Telltale's Batman: The Enemy Within quietly appeared in the Nintendo eShop on Tuesday, October 2nd.

This makes me wonder, who get the money from the sales of this game? It retails for $39.99 for the full season, which strikes me as about $15 too much when you can get the five episodes for five bucks each on other systems, but still...where does the money go? Is there a Papa Telltale out there somewhere who is just chucking all the spare change from further Telltale sales right into their pockets? Telltale has quite a catalog just sitting out there, and people will still slowly buy these games and play them. Who gets the cash? I have questions!