Ultimate Fishing Simulator moving to consoles

by: Dave -
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Ultimate Fishing Simulator, which we reviewed and consequently gave a score of 8 out of 10, will be moving to consoles in 2019. 

It will be a phased approach, with the Nintendo Switch version arriving in the first quarter, while the PS4 and Xbox One won't catch up until the fourth quarter. 

Based on our experience with it, the UFS should play just as well on the consoles as it did on the PC. The tl;dr on our review was that the mechanics were solid, catching fish was a reasonable challenge, but that a slightly too regimental approach to retrieving bait could be mildly irksome.

Coincidentally, I went fishing yesterday and caught a tiny little 6" bass - truth be told, other than the enjoyment of standing on the banks of a quiet lake in refreshing Fall weather, the actual retrieving of this fish was quite a letdown after some of the epic battles I had in Ultimate Fishing Simulator.

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