New DCS Modern Air Combat trailer has me sold

by: Dave -
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I wasn't sure how I felt about DCS Modern Air Combat devaluing what I've spent to buy new airplanes over the years, but I'm warming up to the idea. This trailer has served only to cement my decision to give it a try.

What DCS is doing, in effect, is placing a higher value on complexity than playability/accessibility, and I'm just fine with that for two reasons.

First, the complex airplanes take orders of magnitude longer to develop which is directly tied to the uncomfortable fact that some of the newer planes are priced near to $80.

Second, there are a lot of people that are chased off by the steep learning curves of the modern planes, which is also mostly due to systems complexity.

"Dumbing down" the planes will not recoup lingering development costs, but putting planes that fly like they should but don't burden the pilot with gobs of systems to manage into a one-stop shopping package makes perfect sense. With planes and missions designed to better fit the wants and needs of non-hardcore sim pilots, it seems that it will appeal to a broader market. 

I can't wait to try it out!

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