VROOM KABOOM delivers a post-launch update

by: Dave -

The video shows the many updates made to VROOM KABOOM, but it's every bit as frenetic as the game itself. Having played the game, I can safely say that most of these are very impactful and were necessary. 

If you want a more sedate description of what's included in the update, peruse this sedate, yet informative, laundry list:

Improved Tutorial - The team has heard feedback on the tutorials in-game and have improved them greatly to help streamline the learning experience for new players. The out of game FAQ and video series are still available, but this should give players a direct understanding while playing to avoid potential confusion.

Keyboard Control - You can now steer your vehicle using the keyboard as well as the mouse (A & D)

Cockpit view VR/Non-VR - Players can now play from the car cockpit in VROOM KABOOM, letting them customize the way they want to drive.

AI Improvements - AI has been improved to make the player experience better overall. Vehicles now have 1-second immunity when spawning, and deselecting vehicles also have an added delay before the AI takes over. AI aiming has also been tuned down to be less accurate at long distances and collectible mines no longer do vehicle damage (but still hurt static objects).

Of the four, keyboard control and the downgrading of the preternaturally accurate AI are the most important, based on my experience. That said, as with anything driving related, your mileage may vary.

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