Bungie releases a short but sweet teaser for the Last Wish raid releasing this Friday

by: Zach -
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With only a couple days left to grind power before the raid release, Bungie has put out a short trailer for the Destiny 2: Forsaken Last Wish raid. Now obviously, Bungie isn't looking to give away any of the secrets the raid will hold, so the trailer focuses more on the story and environments than any concrete detail. This is probably for the better, as Bungie raid releases can be a really fantastic experience for both raiders and viewers alike. 

The Last Wish raid goes live this Friday, September 14th, at 1 PM EDT. If you're not planning on joining the World's First race, but still want to tune in, plenty of teams will be broadcasting their journey on twitch. The link from the trailer, watch.twitch.tv/lastwish, will bring you right to the Destiny 2 directory, where you can take your pick of which broadcasters to watch.