Elite Dangerous quick fix patch now live

by: Dan -
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One of the games that the staff here at GamingNexus likes to play co-op together on is Elite Dangerous.  Well, looks like Frontier snuck in a quick patch last night, as I woke up this morning to Elite Dangerous version 3.2.1 pending  download in my Steam Queue. 

While it is very small patch and only corrects a couple of things (and may break a few other things), it should be welcomed by Elite players.  The updates are for bugs on two ships and one Weapon/Module that was most likely quite an annoyance if you experienced in game.  Check out the list and keep up to date through the Steam News page for Elite Dangerous.


  • Alliance Challenger, Chieftain & Crusader
    • Fixed various visual issues with hardpoints
  • Lance Guardian Fighter
    • Addressed an overheating issue when firing

Weapons & Modules

  • Fixed large missile racks being unable to resupply ammunition using synthesis