Jurassic World Evolution breeds a major update

by: Kevin -
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I had the opportunity to play Jurassic World: Evolution right from the get-go this past June and I can honestly say that I cannot think that anything short of a full reboot is going to make this game better than my review stated. Really, as much as I hate to say it, I wouldn't even try again with a full DLC. Nonetheless, it is getting an update September 13th and it includes the following:

  • All new challenge mode: Separate from story mode, you'll find yourself with almost no money as you progress through Isla Nublar
  • More sandbox options: Isla Nubar is the new dedicated sandbox island where there are dozens of options to toggle (lifespan, cash etc)
  • Lighting options for career islands: Once you've gotten 5 stars on each island on career mode, you'll unlock lighting options - default, dusk, dawn, and night
  • Viewing cameras: More views of enclosures and views above the trains
  • Korean and Italian languages: Added both languages for voice-overs and subtitles to the game.
  • Size matters: Scaling dinosaurs to where their sizes fit in the Jurassic World (Ceratosaurus from 9.6m to 9m)

I'm not sure that .6m change in one dinosaur or lighting options around enclosures will change the game enough to matter, but for those who like this game as it was, this surly will be a help.