New combat spotlight video for The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep

by: Kinsey -
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inXile Entertainment has just released the newest look at their game The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep.

This second spotlight video focuses on combat in the game, explaining some of the tactical routes and strategies you can choose to employ in this turn-based gameplay. Every adventurer has active and passive abilities, and can use unique skills in conjunction with each other to create deadly combos. You need different strategies to defeat the leagues of different enemies you'll discover throughout Caith, but there's no single way to victory.

The Bsrd's Tale IV: Barrows Deep is set for PC release on September 18, but there's a slight catch with the price—though, for once with catches, it isn't a bad one. If 300k people wishlist the game on either its Steam or GOG.com pages, the price drops from $39.95 USD to $34.95 USD. If 500k people wishlist it, the price drops again to $29.95, and allows the developers to create a free DLC called "The Haernhold" which takes players to the dwarven realm of Kinestria.

Check out the spotlight video below, and get wishlisting if you want to see that lowered price!