NZXT announces their 2nd CRFT case: the H700 Nuka-Cola

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Late last July, NZXT announced their CRFT line, which would provide NZXT products paired up with influences from popular gaming franchises. CRFT 01, the first offering, featured a partnership with PUBG, combining the NZXT H700 case with the look of the supply drop in PUBG. The H700 PUBG was a limited offering, with only 2,000 cases being up for grabs.

The CRFT 02 case got a teaser when the CRFT 01 was announced, and those with a more discerning eye may have noticed the silhouette of a certain staple of the Fallout series: the vault boy. Yesterday, NZXT finally revealed the CRFT 02 case, called the H700 Nuka-Cola.

As it's name indicates, the case was created in partnership with Bethesda Softworks, complementing the world of Fallout with a design incorporating the series iconic soft-drink: Nuka-Cola. The case features a war-torn paint design, custom LED lighting, and air vents all designed around capturing the post-apocalyptic feel of the Fallout series. On the outer side, the case features artwork of the promotional Nuka-Girl.

The level of detail in this case looks incredible, and it does a great job of capturing the essence of the Fallout world. That being said, if you want it, it's going to cost you. Only 2,000 are ever going to be produced and the price tag is a whopping $299.99

I've been a fan of NZXT cases for a while now. My current build at home sits inside an H440 (white/purple is my jam), but I'm actively considering building another PC just so I can put it inside this case. This case is expensive, there's no doubt about that. But when you factor in the custom art, case modifications, and the limited nature of the case, it's a little easier to understand why it's up there in price.

Also, if you're looking at the case and thinking, "You know, this case could use more Fallout!", you're in luck. NZXT is also releasing an N7 370 Nuka-Cola cover for their N7 370 motherboard. There's a a good, "I heard you like Fallout..." meme to talk about here, but I'll let it go. The cover is actually more exclusive than the case, with only 400 being available. It will run you $49.99, but will complement the case beautifully if you're looking for more. The cover is available for pre-order now.

Los Angeles, CA – August 8, 2018 – NZXT today announced a partnership with Bethesda Softworks®, a ZeniMax® Media company, to deliver the first officially licensed Fallout themed computer case, the H700 Nuka-Cola. The H700 Nuka-Cola serves as the second entry in NZXT’s new CRFT line of custom crafted limited edition gaming products.
Released in a limited quantity of 2,000, the custom designed variant of NZXT’s popular H series, the H700 Nuka-Cola boasts beautiful design work inspired by the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout and its iconic Nuka-Cola soft drink.
Alongside the H700 Nuka-Cola, NZXT also announced an optional Nuka-Cola all-metal cover for their N7 Z370 motherboard* to complete the ultimate Fallout-themed build. The Nuka-Cola N7 all-metal cover will be limited to 400 pieces.

NZXT’s commitment to bringing some of the most elegant and high-quality products to gamers made us very excited to work with them,” said Michael Kochis, Bethesda Softworks’ Director of Licensing. “The passion and care poured into this case is clear, and we hope fans are excited to bring home a piece of the Wasteland.

Every inch of the H700 Nuka-Cola and N7 cover has been designed to incorporate the world of Fallout, from the vintage artwork found alongside the case’s meticulously crafted war-torn paint design to custom designed LED lighting and air vents that capture the look and feel of the famed franchise. Additionally, the H700 Nuka-Cola features all the standards found in NZXT’s H-series line of computer chassis, which include a premium all-steel construction, beautiful tempered glass side panel, refined cable-management system, and quick AIO cooler installation support.
When you think of legendary PC franchises, the Fallout series easily sits at the top. Like gamers around the world, I have been captivated by the incredible stories and locations this series has brought to millions,” says Johnny Hou, NZXT’s founder and CEO. “We are quite proud to work alongside the talented team at Bethesda to create something gaming and Fallout fans will enjoy for a very long time.

CRFT #02 H700 Nuka-Cola exclusive features:

  • Limited edition NZXT H700 with iconic Nuka-Cola artwork
  • Custom designed i/o port with circular air vent, metallic housing, and red LEDs
  • Custom cable management bar with circular air vent and star design
  • Exterior paint replicates the aged effect of a war-torn Fallout relic
  • Illuminated red LED NZXT logo on PSU shroud
  • Random Vault-Tec bobblehead figurine included in every case

NZXT H700 main features:

  • Premium, all-steel construction
  • Tempered glass side panel showcases custom builds
  • Wire management is made easy by an all-new cable management system
  • Water-cooling installation simplified for both AIO and custom loop configurations
  • Perforated metal mesh improves internal airflow
  • Quick-release side panel

N7 Z370 Nuka-Cola Cover main features:

  • Custom designed to complete your H700 Nuka-Cola build

*N7 Z370 Motherboard sold separately 
MSRP Pricing:
H700 Nuka-Cola - $299.99 USD
N7 Z370 Nuka-Cola Cover – $49.99 USD
H700 Nuka-Cola:

  • USA – August 8th
  • EU – August
  • ROW – August

N7 Z370 Nuka-Cola Cover

  • USA – Early August
  • EU – August
  • ROW – August
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