Razer unveils their improved arcade fighting stick, the Panthera Evo

by: Kinsey -
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Razer has just unveiled the new and improved version of their bestselling arcade stick, making its debut at Evo 2018: the Razer Panthera Evo.

The new Panthera Evo, aimed at the fighting game community, features Razer's mechanical switches, an improved case design, and a headphone jack (to which you can connect PS4 headsets). It is not wireless, but instead has a 9.8 foot cord that can stretch across the room and plug into your PS4. It features an 8-button Vewlix layout & Sanwa lever, optimized for those split-second decisions when the slightest delay can end your entire match. It's fully mod-capable and, in response to feedback, the artwork skin is interchangeable, so you're not stuck with a single design that is uniform to everyone else's.

The Panthera Evo is expected to be available in Fall 2018, and will retail for $199.99/ €199.99.