New F1 2018 trailer demonstrates amazing technical depth

by: Dave -
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I have just three more weeks before the August 24th release of Codemaster's F1 2018 to decide whether or not I can live without VR when it comes to racing.

My low-cost summer sale experiment undertaken with a $15 purchase of F1 2017 was inconclusive. By which I mean that I hated hated hated driving in 2D, but there was almost enough of some very good other stuff to sway me. It wasn't to be, though, and I soon found myself back in the middle of the awkward triangular relationship I have with iRacing and Project Cars 2. Going back to VR wasn't entirely about the VR per se (the force feedback quality comes into play as well), but it certainly was the primary motivating force. Simply put, I am a better driver in VR. By which I mean faster. Which is what truly matters.

This trailer, though... the research tech trees, the promise of improved physics and tire modeling, the historical cars - I may be won over this time. I'm not sure that I still won't wait for the summer sale, though.

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