Fortnite Season 5 is now live

by: Kinsey -
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"Worlds collide!" exclaims Fortnite's press release, heralding the launch of Season 5. If you hop into the Battle Royale map right now, you'll find that it doesn't quite look the same; features from other worlds have appeared on the island, ranging from ancient statues to a Viking ship. There's even a whole new desert outpost, since Moisty Mire has become...not so moist anymore.

Not only that, but after much ado, the game's first four-person vehicle has arrived! Called an All Terrain Kart, or ATK, players can zip around with their squad to discover the new areas and mysteries that the update has in store for them.

The patch is live right now, along with an all new Battle Pass (including over 100 rewards and costing 950 V-bucks). Go ahead and jump in if you want to find these new changes for yourself, or check out the patch notes here.