I smell a work tournament! Multiplayer "Dunkathon" Slam Land coming August 7th

by: Eric -
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Well, upcoming multiplayer party game Slam Land is a game that has “workplace screaming match” written all over it. Certain folks at my job enjoy indulging in lunch time multiplayer matches, and when I showed this trailer around the office earlier today, eyes widened.

With a wild art style and frantic gameplay, Slam Land looks like it has more than enough content to keep us busy for a while. According to the press release, players can “grab up to four friends and face off in local multiplayer matches where opponents must grapple, lunging at and dodging away from each other as they vie to seize and shoot their adversaries into a variety of bizarre goals ranging from tree hollows to gaping maws.

“Alongside these “Slam” matches, where players race against the clock to score the most points or outlast each other in stock contests, Slam Land sports a variety of additional game types to ensure things always stay fresh. These include the hot potato-like “Peanut Mode,” where scores become more valuable the longer players hold on to the titular peanut. Slam Land also features a distinctive take on the classic basketball activity “H.O.R.S.E.,” where lettered NPCs spawn and players shoot them to fill out the word. And then there’s the wildest mode of all, “Trash,” which sees garbage rain from the sky that can be stacked into massive piles and dunked.”

That’s right friends. Slam Land has a Peanut Mode. Just check out that trailer, and you will probably be sold. There is a certain combination of frantic action and wild changes of fortune that leads to beautiful angry faces and delightful cursing among friend, and Slam Land looks like it has that magical mixture down cold.

Slam Land will retail in the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store and Steam on August 7th for the low, low price of $7.99. 

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