Funcom announces Conan Exiles sales milestone, new DLC

by: Eric -
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I might not have enjoyed Conan Exiles, but it is clear that there are a ton of people that really love it, and I am no one to hate on folks having a good time. Everybody has games that they love, and for a lot of people around the world right now, that game is Conan Exiles.

Therefore, it is a pleasure to report that Conan Exiles, which kicked off in Early Access in January 2017 and fully launched in May 2018, has become Funcom’s best-selling and fastest-selling title in the company’s history. According to the press release, “Conan Exiles has now surpassed Funcom’s previous record-holder, the 2008 massively multiplayer game Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, which sold 1.4 million units by the time it went free-to-play three years after its initial release.”

In addition to the sales announcement, Funcom also shared news about the second DLC for Conan Exiles. Following on the success of the first DLC, The Imperial East, the new add-on will be titled Jewel of the West. The new content will introduce “new Aquilonia-themed building pieces, weapons, armor, furniture, and more. In Conan lore, Aquilonia is the center of the civilized world and its clothing and architecture is inspired by that of the real-world Romans.”

The Funcom team is also hard at work on a new free update, which will introduce pets and taming to the game, allowing players to tame various animals to guard their bases.

For the record, I really liked Age of Conan, I love the Conan franchise, and I am pleased to hear this news both for the future of Funcom and the viability of Conan as a property. I also plan on re-visiting Conan Exiles after the console version has had a little more time to cook. There is a fun game in there, and 1.4 million players present a strong argument in the game's favor.

Conan Exiles is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.