The song in this Ace Combat 7 trailer is pretty great

by: Eric -
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Bandai Namco Entertainment dropped an expanded E3 trailer late last week, and I really want to hear the music that they use in the trailer without the dialog and sound effects. Very interesting mix of Gregorian chants and the Danger Zone. And just when it sounds like its about to kick into overdrive, someone starts talking.  Boo!  Hush up, fool!

Beyond the cool song, the trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse of Ace Combat’s signature stunning visuals. The brief trailer also hints that player characters are not military, but are actually prisoners being forced to fly missions to work off their crimes. Interesting story hook. If I were a prisoner and this were an option, I would probably jump at the chance. While I would quickly be blown out of the sky in real life, I would still opt for the whole “fighter pilot” option over rotting in a jail cell. Do I get training? Do I gain skills? Would a career as a fighter pilot be waiting for me upon release? I have questions!

No release date yet, but Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is being developed for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. I haven’t heard much about the PS VR functionality lately, but I’m assuming that Bandai Namco have not completely cancelled the feature. Time will tell, but I'm pretty interested in checking this one out. It's been a while since we got an Ace Combat title, and it will be cool to see what the dev team can do with the power of modern consoles.