Madden 19 to take the field in August and it's more of the same

by: Kevin -
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There are very few franchises as long-standing as Madden's football and that carries with it some serious clout. The newest iteration - Madden 19 - comes out August 10th for PS4, XBox One and PC and will be offering a pre-order that gets you into the action three days early. Most of Madden 18's base is carried over with some running nuances and some player progression changes. The running system, that has been tweaked more times than the Honda Accord, is supposed to give a more feel to changing direction and avoidance than ever before. Player progression includes a system where using the best offensive and defensive strategies make for more points and ratings for the players. These, along with the "Longshot" mode, make for a even deeper immersion into a football game that used to be calling a play, and moving down the field. See the intense trailer here:

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