Pure / Electric Love "What do you want?" - Eri Kitami – (that is the name of the game) releases on Switch for $5.00

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As readers know, it is a quiet time in the games industry, with not a lot of news or gossip to discuss. As a result of this gaming drought, I was delighted to see that at least one new title is coming to Switch this week: Pure / Electric Love "What do you want?" - Eri Kitami –, which is sure to keep us all busy during this boring game week.

A dating sim from…somewhere else, Pure / Electric Love "What do you want?" - Eri Kitami – is described on the Nintendo game page as “A love-likeness pseudo-talk game "Electric Love" that is a topic in the smartphone. A little embarrassing, in a conversation that pounding, romance skill UP!!”

I'm not sure what all of that means, but I'm guessing that in this game, you can pretend to talk to a pretty lady dressed like a kitty.

Players are able to interact via a simulated cell phone conversation (I think) with Eri Kitami (I think), who is described as follows:

“Started modeling activities from the age of 16, known as Eri. Fetish cosplay year.

  • Free model
  • Birthday November 26
  • Blood type O type
  • Hobby survival game, shooting
  • Fighter horn blowing”

If you are shy about how to communicate with Eri Kitami, the game page offers some great advice.

“In this work, fetish cosplayer 'Eri Kitami' is a welcome otiyuki blog, please tell her with hyper deadly tension! What? Rotation in a good sense! While being healed, make the brain gear turn at super speed with maid, bondage etc, gallery image, movie!”

There are also some great gameplay instructions, which is convenient for new players:

  • Launch the application and select "TELL" or touch.
  • Select or touch the content you want to talk to.
  • Choose a call or touch to start love.

If you get bored with the base game, there are additional DLC Scenarios available for $3.00 each. Here are some descriptions:

  • This is an additional scenario!
  • Cool, cute, cool maid!
  • I ordered ordered the appearance of a maid figure!
  • Even this and that, as you think! What?


  • This is an additional scenario!
  • Front zipper swimwear and knee high gods select!!
  • In addition, if it is a twin tail, will it exceed the delusional limit line
  • …this is really too much…

I assure you that this is a real game (though I did correct a bit of punctuation in the descriptive text to prevent our own Randy Kalista from having a embolism). See the un-doctored original text for yourself on the Nintendo eShop here

I think I might buy this for my five-year-old daughter. She likes kitties.

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