Dauntless takes a victory lap with a milestone press release

by: Eric -
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Well, it turns out that people really seem to dig Dauntless.

In the two weeks that Dauntless has been in open beta, the game has battled and overcome some fairly severe server issues, and has established a nice little corner in the streaming community. Phoenix Labs celebrated their early success today by sending out a press release marking some pretty big milestones. The game has already reached over one million active users, and over the last 14 days hit the following stat benchmarks:

  • 50k+ new slayers enlisted every day
  • 22+ million Slayers fallen in combat
  • 6.3+ million hours played, with 152 minutes per session on average
  • 7+ million weapons forged
  • 6+ million Behemoths slain

That 152-minute play session average is pretty significant. For a game that is built to accommodate shorter sessions for casual players, the fact that most players stay in-game for 2+ hours is quite an achievement.

Interested parties can learn more about Dauntless and sign up to play for free here. I had a great time with the game in closed beta, which you can read about here.

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