Here's Underworld Ascendant's E3 Trailer

by: Nicholas -
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Underworld Ascendant, the newest title from developer Otherside Entertainment, has a new trailer just in time for E3. Check out Sean's post on the game's teaser. 

From the mind of Warren Spector (Deus ExEpic Mickey), players will return to a setting first seen in Utima Underworld, a 1992 fantasy title developed in part with the help of Spector. 

From the looks of this trailer, Underwold Ascendant seems a mix of stealth, puzzle, combat, and scenario gameplay. There are skeletons, floating sorcerers, and lizard men (in other words, my worst nightmare). I enjoy in particular the focus on box combat in this trailer. Watch below to see what I mean.

Return to the Stygian Abyss this September.


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