HyperX ships improved version of their Pulsefire Surge RGB Gaming Mouse

by: Kinsey -
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If you were eyeing HyperX's new Pulsefire Surge RGB Gaming Mouse back in April when it launched, but for whatever reason didn't spring for it, they just sweetened the pot a little. In response to near-immediate feedback from consumers—the primary complaint was that the inner edges of the light and right buttons could touch during aggressive gameplay—HyperX stopped shipping the old version and began working on a design change. The new design, which is now shipping, improves functionality for both palm and claw grip users.

If you ordered this product before its new improvement, you can check here to learn about how HyperX plans to help you, and if you aren't in the United States you can also check their chart under the same link to learn when it will be available in your country, if it isn't already.

You can get your hands on one of these through HyperX's network of retail and online outlets for $69.99, and includes a two-year warranty.

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