I will never play new party game Awkward with my wife

by: Eric -
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During my weekly “What is coming out this week?” session, I came across Awkward, a new party game being released this week on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Being a big fan of the Jack Party Packs, I drilled in a bit and checked out the trailer. This game looks great, and I will never, never, never play it with my wife.

Developed by Snap Finger Click, Awkward asks players to answer questions, then asks other players to guess the answer given, kind of like a modern day “Newlywed Game”. In the trailer (which you should check out, just due to weirdness), one half of a couple is asked which they prefer, their partner’s body or their face. What kind of horrible fight inducing question is that? It seems like a good opportunity to both anger my wife and hurt her feelings. Or what if we were not on the same team, and some other dude had to answer about my wife? Either way he answers, we're fighting. There is just simply not a good way to answer that question, which is why, I suppose, the game is named “Awkward”.

According to the PlayStation Blog, players should “Play at your own risk! At the end of the 1800s the government declared a global ban on this legendary card game due to an increase in bar fights, divorces, and family feuds.” That sounds about right.

No word on pricing yet, but Awkward releases on June 7, 2018.

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