Whoa...Smoke and Sacrifice trailer is dark, dark, dark

by: Eric -
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I haven't really heard much about Smoke and Sacrifice beyond Sean's posting of the "7 things you might not know" video on May 25th. Something about the way that character faces are depicted in the art style put me off, so I brushed right past news postings about the game. However, I noticed that Smoke and Sacrifice released for Nintendo Switch yesterday, so I decided to take a closer look.

A few quick observations after watching that trailer:

  • The art style is actually intricate and beautiful, and I feel silly for sleeping on it.
  • The character faces still kind of creep me out.
  • I had no idea that the "sacrifice" part of the title would surface so literally in the game.
  • That trailer is crazy dark, and there is a possibility that this beautiful game is deeply demented.

Smoke and Sacrifice is available right now for Nintendo Switch for $19.99. 

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