Best. Trailer. Ever. Bus Simulator 18 shows off new multiplayer

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You know, I was having a bit of bummer day. But do you know what cheered me up? The new trailer for Bus Simulator 18. I felt like I had to post it for everyone to see. And trust me, you really want to watch the new trailer for Bus Simulator 18. It is a joyous burst of Euro-weirdness that will make you smile, regardless of the type of day you are having.

Here, have a look for yourself:

The absolute best part is when the dude from L.A. joins at the end of the video, and the bus convoy really launches into full swing, resulting in rapturous celebration. Bus! Party!

The press release is almost as good as the trailer. I can't even try to paraphrase this awesomeness, so I'm just going to throw some quotes around the official copy:

"In Bus Simulator 18 players will get the unique opportunity to create and manage their very own bus company with up to three friends and lead it to success in the fictional European city of Seaside Valley. Thanks to the new synchronous multiplayer mode an exciting gaming experience for all bus and simulation fans!
"Not only will players get the chance to manage and expand their bus fleet or create their own network of routes in Bus Simulator 18, they will also be able to chat with each other in real-time and start driving their buses synchronously. While driving around the city they will not only be able to meet and see each other in real-time as well, but also change buses to get a lift with one of their colleagues or completely switch buses to complete the route of another bus driver.
"In the event that a teammate will be unavailable the other members of the virtual multiplayer-company will of course still be able continue playing either alone or with a reduced team to keep advancing their common bus enterprise. It is also of course possible to use the end of a successful bus driving day to leisurely discover Seaside Valley on foot – either alone or together as a team – and go in search of the many secrets and sights hidden in the sprawling metropolis."

There is just so much cheerful excitement to this trailer and press release that I can't help but love it. I'm a simple guy, it's easy to please me.

Bus Simulator 18 releases on Steam on June 13, 2018 at a suggested retail of $34.99.

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