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Back in 1982, I can remember playing Air Sea Battle on my Atari 2600 against my older brothers and remembered how I didn't care in the least that I was getting massacred. The only thing I cared about was playing this interactive, colorful, shoot-em game with these funky pew-pew sounds and explosions. I had many such memories of crashing cars, spinning tanks, and cities getting demolished from incoming missiles. So when I heard that the Atari VCS was coming out - I was stoked.

Let me explain further. It wasn't just the 15 or so games, or the fact that I couldn't, as a 6 year old, do very well on most of them. It was the biggest explosion of gaming entertainment ever produced. The Atari was iconic. It was a heavy, wood-inlayed, chrome-decorated box that gave excitement whenever the thought of turning it on came about. It was also a system that I used well into Nintendo's release. You see, these games weren't just good.. they were the beginning champions of video gaming.

Recently there have been a few plastic, cheap, knock-off gaming systems that have offered Atari games and I have to admit - I dove right in (for over $60 no less). I was of the hope that my older brother and I could play some of the classics for hours on end and relive the gaming glory from some 30+ years ago. Boy was I duped. We spent the weekend visit having glitch problems; games that didn't work; controller issues, and sound quality problems. Needless to say, we did what could have been done with 15 or so youtube videos and I had to deal with returning the "junk" the following Monday.

The reason I am stoked for the VCS is that it represents the solution to all that I hoped for the "replay". This system is going to be as modern as any on the market. The games are going to be better than they ever were, will have well-designed controllers, and will include some today-tech games to play. That, mixed with social media, streaming media, music and more, make this the 40-somethings dream come true and gives the newbies an excellent opportunity to delve into some of video games' greatest hits.

The pre-sale is on now (for a limited time) and will include many packages and options. The systems will be shipped out in July and at a starting price of just $199, should literally fly off the shelves. Go to to view purchasing options and check out the release trailer here:

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