Plutocracy approaches Early Access, adds media influence to the mix

by: Dave -
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Plutocracy is a game perfectly designed for megalomaniacs and other power-hungry folks. You start out in the days of robber barons, railroad titans, and very little government regulation. The latter doesn't matter all that much - you aren't the type to let a few rules bother you anyway, right?

As the release to Early Access approaches, the developers are finishing up the final features to be included in that release. Straight out of our contemporaneous news reports, they have added a Media feature wherein a player will able to dig up dirt on uncooperative officials/politicians, sponsor election campaigns, manipulate mass consciousness, and pretty much repeat every dirty trick we've seen since the advent of an immensely powerful groundswell of open communications brought on by Twitter, Facebook, etc. 

That ought to prove interesting! Keep an eye out for news of the release, which should be "soon."

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