So, what are you playing?

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Microsoft is making its first game controller designed for people with disabilities. Some developers feel that Green Man Gaming's "average cost per hour" statistics will only lead to worse games. And this Democrat and Republican battled it out in Mario Kart on a rooftop at Comic-Con.

So, what are you playing?

Kinsey Danzis
I've made a financial mistake, and that financial mistake is called "purchasing Razer Nommo Chroma speakers." What I lost in my bank account, though, I gained in sound—and honestly, anything was better than the $25-ish speakers I had before. Add in a new desk that I got for free (my fiancee's cousin is moving, and generously handed off her old desk to me) and my rig is finally looking decent. I think this might mean that it's time for me to revisit my old haunts in World of Warcraft. Because after all, my dad practically weaned me on WoW, and it'll always have a special place in my heart. Or finally start up Overwatch on PC, which I've been delaying because I don't want to abandon my stars on Overwatch for Xbox One. I've missed a lot during my Overwatch hiatus; even though I've kept up with the news, it might be cool to play the changes for myself.

Dave Gamble
On my way out to Vegas, so this week is video poker and penny slots, or what I call “renting an air-conditioned chair.”

Eric Hauter
I borrowed God of War from a buddy at work, so I thought that I might take a few hours and check that out. I have never really locked in on the series, but from everything I've heard and read, this new game is something special.

I'm also toying around with Wrongworld, a fun survival title that focuses on a google-eyed ewok creature, trying to make his way in the world by bashing everything in with his face.

Charles Husemann
Thanks to the magic of the Xbox Game Pass I will be checking out State of Decay 2. I didn't play the first game but I'm interested to see if I can just hop into the second one. I'm going in blind so I'm hoping this is a good experience.

I hit my second prestige in Call of Duty: WWII last week and I'm 1/3rd of the way to my third one. I finally figured out that I should use Prestige token on a good weapon rather than something lame. This has lead to the unlocking of the BAR rifle which has helped speed up my path to my third prestige.

Randy Kalista
Had a great time with Detroit: Become Human. It takes place atop a city’s ruins and its cybernetic integrations, so I didn’t get the cyberpunk fatigue I usually get from Blade Runner-styled environments. Plus the game isn’t afraid to slow down and interpolate what Motown—or at least a tribute to the Motor City—could sound like 20 years from today.

I’m now heading into an old favorite: Elite Dangerous. But this time I’m equipped with some newfangled software called VRidge. It streams (a few) Steam games to my phone and, with a phone VR headset, lets me use my phone as a full-fledged VR device. If this works, it could be nuts.

Rob Larkin
I’ve been so busy at work I’ve hardly had any time for games. All work and no play makes Rob a dull boy. I have snuck some Destiny 2 in because the Warmind DLC has gotten a good number of my old clan back involved. I don’t think a raid is entirely out of the question this weekend.

I also have Uncharted 4 downloaded onto the hard drive and staring back at me so it’s high time I finally closed out that series. And I need to make some time for VR. But the reality is I’m trying to do some work on the side to help out my brother-in-law with a programming solution to an issue he’s facing and that must take priority.

Nicholas Leon
Now that I'm on the job search, I don't know how much time I will have for new game experiences. However, I do think that I'll have more time to devote to finally finishing Persona 5, maybe even concluding the second and third playthroughs of NieR: Automata. Granted, these are projections of what I think my summer will look like. There are no guarantees, there are no promises.

Kevin O’Connell
Could be one of the least diverse gameplaying weeks for me since coming to GN. I am slowly working on a review for a child-friendly game called Trailblazers. I have found very little wrong with the gameplay save that it is slated for five- and six-year-olds...or someone who's used a massive amount of drugs.

For Titan Quest I can confirm that The Overlord—a small turtle (though 4x bigger for consoles) that leads to a secret area filled with hilarious game-creator enemies—has been officially found in the console version! I had to kill Hades about 12 to 15 times before he dropped it, but it does 100% exist.

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