Friday the 13th: The Game celebrates the new patch and one year anniversary with a boosted XP weekend

by: Nathan -
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Friday the 13th: The Game has had many ups and downs over the last year but I have still had a ton of fun with the game regardless. That said, I haven't played the game in a while due to the lack of content being released for the game. That was dude to the fact that Gun Media has been working on the engine upgrades which would allow them to release content in the future with no issue.

Well the engine upgrade is finally here and with it a massive patch with tons of content including balance changes, a new counselor, single player challenges, punishments for toxic players, new skins for Part 5 Jason, a Part 7 Jason rework and much more. 

To celebrate the release of the patch and the one year anniversary of the game, Gun Media is holding a special event with boosted XP and tape drops. 

From 4PM today until 4PM on Sunday, all players will receive a 120% increase in XP along with increased chances of Pamela and Tommy tape drops.


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