Titan Quest for consoles cheats/facts - warning! spoilers

by: Kevin -
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Since getting Titan Quest for XBox, I have come across a fun trick for players who need more relics/charms than they have. If you have a friend that can join your game, you can duplicate any item in the game.

  • Have your friend start a private multiplayer game
  • Join and give them everything you need duplicated
  • Then, only you use the XBox home button on the controller to switch to any other game. Do NOT save and exit.
  • Have your friend invite you back in and your character should have everything you gave to your friend. Repeat as necessary.

This saves the problem of you and your buddy getting items the other cannot have.

Another good tip for the game is to use first level characters to hold items that don't fit into your character's stash. Whether it is items for lower characters, collections of "blue" or "purple" items, or stuff you cannot use yet, making new characters for storage makes it easy to keep everything.

Lastly, there has been very little on the web about the infamous Overlord turtle from the PC version. I can now say that it does exist for consoles and took me between 11-15 times beating Hades to get it. I can say that the secret stash area - located somewhere in Rhodes - is 100% identical to the PC version. 

Stay tuned for more factoids and comment on anything you've found on the console version.


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