Black Ops 4 is getting Battle Royale

by: Nicholas -
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One aspect that the guys at Treyarch handily snuck in during the reveal event for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was that there will be no single-player campaign. 

"Narrative will be threaded" through all the different modes, one announcer said. 

That rung a bell in my ears, as I started thinking about games like Overwatch and Battlefield 1, products with little to no single-player involvement, but which have a sort of narrative threaded into its lore. 

So it was no surprise when, at the reveal, we got a trailer teasing its Battle Royale mode: Blackout. 

The hype of the video does its job, as by this point in Call of Duty's history, I'm comfortable with the fact that multiplayer is its strongest suit. While this was the mode I wanted to play most, however, it was not the one that I was able to get my hands on for the demo sessions. 

 A note on the different versions of this video that are online: both versions, the individual which you can watch above, and the one shown during the hour-long reveal event livestream, are visually identical. However, you'll notice that, during this (the individual) presentation, there is not mention of the many Black Ops characters shown onscreen. They are mentioned pretty much each time they're shown during the reveal event video, though. I took that as an implication that players will be able to take control of Mason, Reznov, Woods, and all the other characters that they've come to know and love during their time with the series, and murder each other across a huge map. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launches October 12th.

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