Codemasters' Onrush has open beta this weekend before release

by: Kevin -

Onrush is having a test drive beta this weekend on PS4 and XBox until 2AM Monday. The crazy, crash-your-opponent, hair-on-fire, racing game is scheduled for release on June 5th for XBox, and PS4.

Onrush pitches players into dramatic 6v6 racing battles where teaming up is essential for any racer wanting to come out on top. Different vehicles and play styles are better suited to certain roles and opportunities than others. Racers will have to work together as a team to work out who should attack and who should defend in each of the unique game modes.

Onrush is available for pre-order and will include the unique Vortex buggy. You can also get the Onrush Deluxe Edition which includes eight vehicles with black and gold liveries, extra Crashtag artwork, and Track Tombstones.

Check out the trailer here:

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