Map your VR controls in Steam

by: John -
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One of the things I really wanted was a way to map my VR controls in Steam VR to something else. There are certain control schemes that I find more comfortable than the default ones that the developers put in. Also with my purchase of a Samsung Odyssey, I wanted to enable the thumbsticks to do more or change up their actions.

Well, the latest Steam VR beta lets you do that. It's a start of allowing control mapping whether you have the Vive Wands, Oculus Rift Touch controllers, Windows Mixed Reality controllers, or even gamepads. The UI's a little clumsy right now, but for its first iteration, it gets the job done. More refinements will have to be made though to make it more user friendly, but at least I can now change up the setup of how the game's controlled in VR.

Valve has an SDK to allow developers to incorporate it into their game so let's hope we see a lot of updates to the popular titles out there so that they can take advantage of this in game.

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