Your Steam Controller is now Bluetooth capable

by: John -
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Did you know your Steam Controller had Bluetooth capabilities? I sure didn't. In preparation for their Android and iOS Steam app launch, a new update is out that will enable the controller's Bluetooth radio. This option will allow you to connect the controller to your mobile device.

By opting into the Steam beta and following these instructions, you can update your controller to allow for both dongle and Bluetooth connectivity. Starting the controller with the Steam button and holding down the B button, you'll connect to a device with Bluetooth. Holding the A button instead of the B when starting will start it in dongle mode. Pretty slick.

It's great to see Valve continue to add value to the controller through these updates. While the controller isn't everyone's cup of tea, to me it's got its uses. For example, playing a strategy game that relies on a mouse on a couch is a whole lot easier with the Steam Controller than trying to find room to setup a mouse. It's not too bad once you get used to the controls, but it's definitely not for every type of controller based game out there.

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