So, what are you playing?

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This week we’re seeing what happens when Fortnite mashes up with Avengers: Infinity War. The Seattle Mariners announced a game's lineup by using 1994's Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball. And after a launch year aimed at avid game players, the Nintendo Switch's second year pivots to "consumers who have never played a Nintendo platform before, and to those who have played before, but not recently."

So, what are you playing?

Sean Colleli
I'm trying to wrap up Far Cry Primal, and man I forgot just how tedious Far Cry games can be with their laundry list of side quests. I also might start a new playthrough of Red Dead Redemption. The trailer for the sequel has me feeling nostalgic, and my fiancee and I have been watching a lot of Westworld so it dovetails nicely. If you think about it, Red Dead is like a super early prototype of Westworld. I guess I'm lucky that the NPCs can't come alive and shoot me through my TV screen.

Dave Gamble
As much as I love the eventual arrival of spring, it does bring with it a lot of other distractions, some enjoyable, some not, and some that are a little of both. When play time becomes scarce, I usually head back to my old standby for a quick session: iRacing VR. Every now and then the mood strikes me to learn a new car; this time around, I chose the Formula Renault. It's a step up from the Mazda single-seater but not as temperamental as a Formula 1 car. It's relaxing to be able to just throw a car around on a challenging track—it rekindles the love of driving you really can't get from day-to-day commuting.

Eric Hauter
With my son (who is a senior in high school) gearing up for graduation later this month, much of my free time has been spent at banquets, luncheons, and volleyball events. This has limited my gaming time significantly. However, I have still found the time to progress with Dauntless, gaining enough ground after their big patch to have a good feel for how the game will look when it goes to open beta. I will be working on a preview later this week, but my overall feeling is that Dauntless is looking strong. Really strong.

I'm also playing through Killing Floor: Incursion on PS VR for review. So far, it is funny, fast, and overwhelming. Those zeds creep up behind you if you aren't paying attention. I am hoping to pick up a second copy this week so I can spend some time on multiplayer before submitting my final thoughts. I'm thinking that having a second party to watch my back is a good idea.

Lastly, I have been playing City of Brass since its release last week, and hope to submit a review for that in the next couple of weeks. For the unfamiliar, City of Brass is a lightning-fast roguelite that takes place in an "Arabian Nights" type city. Players try to race to the end, picking up treasures along the way, while dodging crafty enemies and hidden traps. It's fun, but I suck at it. I'm hoping to recruit the above-mentioned teenage son to help me complete the game, because I am absolutely hopeless.

Charles Husemann
This weekend I will continue my Jedi training under the tutelage of Dope Beats Wan Kenobi. [Eyeroll. - Ed.] Sure, that's not the backstory for Beat Saber but it's what I've been thinking about as I spend time with the game. The game is a lot of fun and one of the best Star Wars games since Knights of the Old Republic. The majority of the 10 songs are really good and it's fun enough to get past the lack of depth. The game is a lot like Space Pirate Trainer in that it really shows off what VR can do. It's still rough around the edges but just out in early access so I'm willing to cut the game some slack.

I just hit 65 continuous days of logging into Call of Duty: WWII and the streak shows no sign of ending. It's nice to be able to quickly hop into a game and make some kind of progress right now. I'm anxious to get to 90 days of continuous play as I think that's when the free Mountain Dew and Doritos get delivered.

Randy Kalista
Between the Detroit: Become Human demo and Beyond: Two Souls as this month's PS Plus freebie, I may be in for more David Cage than I'm prepared for. Like Sean, Red Dead Redemption trailer #3 was enough to make me throw OG Red Dead Redemption back into the ol' 360 for a few minutes. And while the game looked stunning in 2010, of course, it has no right to still look this good eight years later. But who am I kidding? I may be done with my BattleTech review, but all I can think of is playing more BattleTech. This game is taking me back to my '90s tabletop days in ways I'd completely forgotten.

Nicholas Leon
I’ll be framing my college degree and putting it up on my wall. [Excellent work getting the Platinum Trophy on that one, Nick. - Ed.]

Kevin O’Connell
Just finished my review of Super Mega Baseball 2 and can say I am still playing the game. I have never been a fan of games with fake names and stats, but this one does all the right things to make that unimportant. Plus, the create your own character is not only deeper than expected, but produced quite a few laughs.

I have finally, after four or five restarts using new skill combinations, completed Titan Quest and can say I am very pleased with the re-experience. This game is 100% the same as the original, but like I've said before, it is much more vivid, smooth, and easier to co-op than the original PC game from 2006. Time to go through the second difficulty!

With the last of my downtime I am loading up Forza 7 again after a couple months hiatus. I have been waiting for some of the car packs to hit so I can restart the career with some new toys. I cannot say that I have been overly thrilled with the cars that have come out after the release—even with already using some 300 or so awesome vehicles. I understand that there are too many cars to possibly get every cool car made, but some of the additions are cars I wouldn't race for all the tea in China. A 1970 Citroen 2CV? A 2018 Honda Odyssey van? I can sit here and name 20 cars in under a minute that would be good additions to a racing sim. '69 Roadrunner Hemi, Vector W8, '79 Mustang Cobra, '17 Ford Taurus SHO, '68 GT-500, '86 Dodge Daytona. I could get annoying.

John Yan
This weekend, I'll most likely be spending time on some Fallout 4 VR and Skyrim VR. Two new patches came out that really enhance the performance of both games and I want to continue testing it with the Samsung Odyssey. Great HMD with sketchy tracking when the controllers are out of sight, the Odyssey works great though at its price point and has much better visuals than the Vive. It's become my go to HMD as my Vive gets used less and less. There's even a way to use the Vive controllers with the Odyssey so I could have a nice "Pro" setup without spending nearly as much.

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