ONRUSH smashes into open beta starting May 17th

by: Eric -

The month of May has been jam packed with exciting gaming news, and it looks like the hits are going to keep on coming. Codemasters and Deep Silver announced yesterday that the ONRUSH open beta will start at 2 PM BST on Thursday, May 17th, and will run until 10 AM BST on Monday, May 20th.

ONRUSH is a new action racer, with players in different vehicles crashing and bashing their way to the finish line. The open beta will include several modes, including single player, multiplayer co-op and multiplayer competitive. Players will have access to two tracks, two game modes and four vehicle classes. Players will also be able to test out Photomode in single player, taking snapshots and then running them through filters and editing tools.

Here’s a breakdown of what will be included in the beta from the press release:

TRACKS - (Both will feature a variety of weather conditions and different times of day)

Big Dune Beach

Crater Lake






Firewall: RUSHing leaves a destructive trail of fire behind

Crashbang: Your Tombstones are blinding when collected by opponents

Tumbler: Earn RUSH directly from front and back flips


Turbulence: RUSHing leaves a disruptive wake of turbulent air behind

Touchdown: Timed boost landings are more effective

Spiral: Earn RUSH directly from performing barrel rolls


Rampage: Refill your RUSH gauge with every successful takedown

Surge: Initial boost usage is more powerful but more costly

Pinpoint: Earn RUSH directly from performing near misses


Blockade: RUSHing drops a trail of blockades that slow your opponents down

Shield: Give nearby teammates a shield that offers protection from big hits

Impact: Earn RUSH directly from taking down opponents


ONRUSH looks incredible. The slam-bang racing action feels like Burnout but ramped up the Nth degree. The full game releases on PS4 and Xbox One on June 5th, 2018.

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