Saibot Studios drops a free chunk of Hellbound on Steam

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Saibot Studios is putting its money where its mouth is, releasing a free “Survival Mode” of its new ‘90s-inspired FPS Hellbound, now available for download on Steam.

Hoping to get enough visibility and support for their ongoing Kickstarter campaign, Saibot is letting players take a stab at their new title with no strings attached. If the Kickstarter reaches $100,000, then this Survivor Mode becomes just a teaser for the greater single-player campaign that Saibot is hoping to develop.

Hellbound harkens back to ‘90s-style FPS games (think early Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem, etc.) with a muscle-covered behemoth/man pouring buckets of lead into endless hordes of demons, while wonderous butt-metal blares in the background. The gameplay seems awfully familiar, but it is delivered with a shiny modern visual flare. In Survivor Mode, players are treated to a wave-based arena, and given five weapons (The Headcrusher, Simple Shotgun, Triple Shotgun, something called “Indolora”, and a Rocket Launcher) with which to explode demon heads.  There are also a few power-ups that you can obtain to raise your damage, speed, etc.

This is a pretty cool way to get attention for the game, which looks like a big pile of glorious red-colored carnage. Those interested in supporting the game can do so here.  There are some fairly reasonable support options, so if this type of game gets your blood pumping, you might want to toss a few bucks at the team and help make Hellbound a full-fledged reality.

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