Subaeria releases today (with a one-week discount!)

by: Eric -
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Montreal-based development studio iLLOGIKA (Cuphead, Hitman GO) has released their new action/puzzle title Subaeria. To celebrate the release, the title is on sale on all platforms (Steam, PS4 and Xbox One) for $12.75.

Players will combine platforming skills with puzzle-solving to move past each procedurally generated room. Gameplay features running, jumping, and remote-controlling of robots (everyone loves remote-controlling of robots). Every colorful room is a self-contained puzzle, and by manipulating enemies and your own surroundings (and being light on your feet), you will move from room to room, with the difficulty slowly increasing. Along the way, you will gain additional skills and buffs that will unlock new strategic options.

"The release of Subaeria is a significant milestone for iLLOGIKA as we are able to showcase the breadth of our team’s development expertise in one title.  As we are getting more recognized by the industry for our collaborations with leading publishers, it is important for us to demonstrate our ability to develop a game from its infancy stage all the way to its launch on multiple platforms,” said David Fugère-Lamarre, CEO and founder of iLLOGIKA.

If you are interested in Subaeria, you have one week to lock it down at the discounted price. The game returns to its suggested retail of $14.99 on all platforms after May 16th.


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