Milanoir wants a piece of that retro-pixel revenge pie

by: Randy -
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Looking, smelling, and feeling like it's part of the Devolver Digital mafia, Milanoir is actually the debut of two-man Italian studio Italo Games. The game is a revenge tale through and through—based on the 1970's Italian vigilante movies that film director Quentin Tarantino cut his teeth on. Patrick Aloia did a great little preview of Milanoir back at E3 2017, examining the game's filmic influences.

Milanoir's machismo-driven male lead is fresh out of prison and ready to execute some 16-bit vengeance on the man that framed him. The characters, settings, and plot line are wonderfully seedy. The artwork is grotesque, like they made the artist compose drawings from the toilet seat of a subway restroom stall. Not to mention the shooting looks frantic. The whole thing is a lot of sex, drugs, and '70s funk.

Milanoir gets a shotgun-spread release on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One on May 31.

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