Exploration-puzzler Obduction gets PS VR patch on May 8th

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If you have ever wanted to immerse yourself in the mysterious world of Obduction, now might be the time. Originally released on PlayStation 4 last August (and PC a while before that), Obduction is an exploration-based puzzle/adventure title from Cyan, Inc, the masterminds behind classics like Myst and Riven. While a PS VR patch has long been promised, the date has been continuously pushed back, to the despair of the title’s dedicated fanbase.

The wait is almost over for those committed souls, as a patch that allows the entire title to be played on PS VR will be released for free on Tuesday, May 8th. According to a post on the PlayStation Blog by Cyan CEO Rand Miller, Cyan, Inc have been diligently working on the patch all year long, remaining committed to delivering a high-end product to players that was worthy.

Obduction is an exploration-based adventure game, with players exploring a 20th century mining town that has been mysteriously transported to an alien planet. On release, the game received divisive (but overall positive) reviews. Most sites praised the intricate puzzles, pervasive mood and deep story-telling, with outlying reviewers unable to get past the slow pace (in comparison to other modern adventure games). Gamers should know whether they would enjoy this game or not. If they are of the generation that collectively got sucked into and obsessed by Myst, then it might be worth a look. For those new to this type of game, I imagine that numerous walkthroughs are floating around on the internet to help you navigate these more complicated waters. One thing is for sure, Obduction is bound to be good looking. Cyan, Inc are known for their high-end visuals and stellar production values. I can’t imagine they would let this thing out the door until if it were anything less than prefect.

Obduction is currently selling for $29.99 on the PlayStation Store.

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