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by: Eric -
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When the PS VR released last year, one of my favorite demos included on the demo disc was the Harmonix VR Music Experience. With five short experiences to mess around with, it was a pretty beefy demo, and it showed off the system’s ability to deliver striking visuals and unusual gameplay dynamics. While the goofball gymnasium dance and the “house-music acid tunnel” were neat, the bit that really caught my attention was the area that allowed players to create freeform 3D art in an open space. This play area was so striking that I quickly bought the full game just to mess around with this one piece.

While the Harmonix art tool was cool, it quickly showed its limitations. I immediately began counting down the days until someone released a more full-fledged 3D art tool for PS VR, and now it seems that out of the blue, my wait is over. Wildbit Studios’ CoolPaintr VR is releasing on Tuesday, and it looks like this game/application is going to kick the training wheels off and let users take a go at the challenge of creating 3D art without limitations.

While the information available on the company’s website is limited, reviews that I have read on other sites seem to confirm that CoolPaintr VR is a robust tool that is easy to pick up, but deep enough to offer advanced tools for more experienced artists. I also love the bit in the trailer that demonstrates that users can import reference photos and attempt to recreate them. Boy, that’s going to result me creating some unholy mutations.

Though nothing has given me indication that this might be true, I am really hoping that CoolPaintr VR will offer some sort of online component, where users can upload and share their best creations with the community. I imagine that people that really engage with this tool will be able to create some stuff that is overwhelming and breathtaking. Not me, of course. I’m going to draw stick figures.

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