Gotta keep one jump ahead of the breadline! One swing ahead of the sword! Steal only what you can’t afford in City of Brass!

by: Eric -
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See what I did there? Aladdin quote. Because of the Arabian Nights connection. Get it? Whew, I’m feeling good about that one.

Anyhow, down to brass tacks (see what I did there?). City of Brass, a new roguelite set in a mystical and magical world inspired by Arabian Nights, comes out of Steam Early Access on May 4th. On the same day, City of Brass becomes available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Wielding a scimitar and a whip (which has a variety of useful functions), players take the role of a cunning thief seeking the fabled treasure at the heart of a mysterious city. Overcoming waves of spirit-based enemies and avoiding cunning traps (or pushing the waves of enemies into the cunning traps), players move forward, grabbing loot and powerups along the way.

Developed by a team of senior BioShock devs at Uppercut games, City of Brass looks like a graphical marvel, and I love the plinking music playing in the trailer. Cliffhanging battle, mystical spells swirling about, decapitated skeletons, what’s not to love?

Currently, City of Brass is sitting pretty with a “Very Positive” user rating over on Steam, which bodes well. This one is definitely on my radar. I’m going to sit a little stuffed monkey next to me when I play it, and call him Abu.

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