Friday the 13th devs give us the first look at the big engine update

by: Nathan -
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Friday the 13th: The Game has gone without updates for quite some time, but the reasoning for that is because the devs have been working on updating the engine for the game. Updating the engine will allow them to add dedicated servers on the console versions as well as allowing for better game performance and will fix some long standing issues. Today, the devs gave us the first look at some work in progress gameplay of the new engine on PS4, Xbox one and PC. 

Another post by the devs on the Reddit page gives us an update on content which is "done" including Single Player Challenges, Jason weapon swapping, changing keybindings, the altered Jason grab, the new counselor Victoria Sterling, Legendary Perks, the salt mines, AI Improvements and the Part 7 Jason rework and will be part of the next update.  

No word yet on when the big update will drop but the devs said that they will absolutely let us know the exact date ahead of time because this is the biggest milestone for the game so far. 

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