Payday 2 VR is on sale in the Steam store

by: Dave -
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What's that you say? You didn't know there was a Payday 2 VR at all, much less that it was on sale? Well, I didn't know either. I'm glad I found out about it, though, because it is already on my top 10 list.

This is a trend that I hope continues. I could have bought Payday 2 pretty cheaply before, but it was released in 2013, so the graphics fare poorly in a comparison with today's standard. The Rift changed all that. I spend most of my time in VR now and frankly, circa 2013 are pretty much what I am accustomed to. This won't last, but it looks like there could be  a fairly deep well of opportunity to bring back other similar types of games.

So, how much did I have to pay for the VR upgrade? 

$0.00. It's totally free for owners of Payday 2.

I wasn't in that category, but I am now. I started to buy the base game for $4.99, but some reviews were pretty hissy about the large amounts of DLC. I opted for the Ultimate for $18 or so - I shouldn't be wanting for variety for awhile.

The sale ends April 29th.

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