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Subaeria rises from the ocean of Early Access for console release

by: Eric -
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Montreal-based gaming studio iLLOGIKA has announced that their action-puzzle game Subaeria will be exiting Early Access on Steam as of April 24, 2018. The game will also be available same day on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Subaeria takes place in an underwater city (known The lead character, Styx, is on a mission of revenge after her family was murdered by the underwater city’s overlord. In order to make her way through the city and exact her revenge, she must face down room after room of robot sentries. The unique gameplay hook of Subaeria is that Styx does not kill the robots herself. With the help of her trusty drone, she must trick the robots into killing each other. Tricky Styx.

Some features from the official press release:

  • Pit your enemies against one another and the environment to defeat them.
  • Use skills equipped to your drone to influence your robot enemies and Styx.
  • Every room is a puzzle to be solved with the skills you have on hand.
  • Unlock different skills, buffs and skins at each play through.
  • Explore a new labyrinth at every play session.

The team at iLLOGIKA, made up of veterans of such titles as Hitman GO, Lara Croft GO, Cuphead and Disney Infinity, have created a game with a unique style and feel. It looks like there are a lot of lasers.  I like lasers. Reading the details and watching the trailer, I kept coming back to the idea that Subaeria reminded me of “Bioshock run through a Transistor filter”. Not bad company to keep.

Subaeria is still available in Early Access on Steam for $14.99, and will be the same price on all platforms when the final product drops on the 24th.

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