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Eternal Edge brings a beautiful new world to Switch

by: Eric -
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Eternal Edge, a new exploration-based action-RPG, is releasing on Nintendo Switch this week. The art style of this game immediately grabbed my attention, so I reached out to developer Righteous Weasel for a bit more detail than is currently available online.

Eternal Edge follows a young hero, Cross, on his quest to defeat the evil Skeleton King. The game has a big focus on gear and loot, with players winning powerful weapons, armors, and spells as they explore their way through the Little Kingdom to free the populace from the Skeleton King’s evil grasp.

Along with single-player, the game features a great “family-friendly” local multiplayer feature, with drop in/drop out for up to 3 extra players. Extra players (known as “side-kicks”) will scale to match the single player’s level, with all 4 players running around on the same screen. Multiplayer is available through the entire campaign. Extra players are unable to wander too far from Player One, so younger players won’t get lost.

Eternal Edge offers around 10-15 hours of playtime for an average player, with obsessive completionist types taking up to 20 hours. At a $20 price-point, this seems like a pretty good deal.

 Let’s also take a second and talk about the visuals in this game. The pixel-art-cube look is not exactly my personal favorite, but Eternal Edge might just win me over. This game looks gorgeous. I love the way the animation chugs along, looking almost like someone animated physical objects, Harryhausen-style. The environments are intricately detailed. Check out the city-scape featured in the above trailer at around the 38-second mark. There seems to be more going on in this game than meets the eye, and I’m excited to dig into Eternal Edge a little deeper to mine its secrets.

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