Mega Man X Legacy Collection gets a Japanese release trailer and launch date

by: Russell -
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The Mega Man X Legacy Collection now has an official trailer and launch date, at least over in Japan where it'll be known as Rockman X Anniversary Collection to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Mega Man X series. As with the Mega Man Legacy Collection, the Mega Man X version will be two separate games with Mega Man X 1-4 on Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1, while Mega Man X 5-8 are on Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2. The game will feature a filter mode that smooths out the pixels which you can turn on and off as you like, but also has a new game mode called X Challenge.  This basically seems like a boss rush of sorts but with a twist: taking on more than one Maverick at a time.

The trailer shows that Rockman X Anniversary Collection 1 and 2 are slated for a July 26th, 2018 release date, but I'm unsure if that's worldwide of just in Japan.

UPDATE: the English trailer has been released which is the same as the one below except for the title (which is Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2). The release date of 7/26/2018 is also confirmed as the US release date.

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