HTC offers up a Pro Starter Kit

by: John -
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When HTC announced the Vive Pro, it was being sold without any base stations or wands. But, what if you don't have an old Vive to use Pro with? 

HTC today announced that they will offer the Vive Pro Starter Kit, which comes with two controllers and two base stations for $300. That means if you want a Vive Pro with all the necessary components needed to play in VR, you'll need to spend a total of $1099. Yikes!

The wands and base stations are version 1.0 so you won't be getting the newer lighthouse tech that the Vive Pro can work with. Who knows when 2.0 products will come out, but for now you'll be able to jump in without any previous Vive hardware if you want a Vive Pro.

$1099 is a pretty big chunk of change and HTC's taking a lot of flack for how much they are charging the Vive Pro for. And with good reason. I thought the Oculus Rift's price was ridiculous when it was first announced. Who knew HTC would top that one.

The Vive Pro Starter Kit will be available on April 5th.

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